Hi, I’m Vicki Draper, Healing Your Animal Expert. During the 18 years of my practice, I have been privileged to play a key part in the remarkable healing of multiple species including, cats, dogs, horses and people.

I was just 11 years old, when my kitten was diagnosed with distemper and only given a week to live. Rather than accept a tragic diagnosis, I intuitively began visualizing a long, healthy life for him. My precious kitten lived a happy and active life for many more healthy years!

For many years I kept this gift private (while actually living a life of being a computer programmer!) but then in 1999 my soul could no longer take it and I could no longer suppress my gift. I knew animals were meant to be a larger part of my life, but I didn’t know how. Then one day during a hike I found a heart shaped rock – the top was white and the bottom was grey. And I realized I had a choice: which way was my heart going to go? To live a life of sharing my gift: the white light? Or a life of dying a slow death: the grey? I chose the light.

Since that decisive day I have worked with thousands of happy and loyal pet owners and their veterinarians to bring to life similar experiences for people an