The power of the bridge with your animals

On Sunday, I was on my way to church which is a way to fill my soul and connect with a community of like-minded people.  As I got closer, I discovered the bridge was out so I could not get there.  I turned around and went for a walk at the lake as another way of filling my soul.

 As I was walking, it dawned on me that how I was feeling is how your animals are feeling when you do not connect with them.  They yearn for your attention, connection and time together where you are present and engaged with them.


Amy Collette, creator of Positively Powered podcasts interviewed me about my journey to becoming an author and my connection with animals that I am now teaching you.

I invite you to click the link below to listen to the podcast interview and discover more ways to joyfully and easily have true-love connection and healing with your animal and a way to “listen” to your animal:

Dedicated to your and your animal’s healing,

Vicki Draper

Healing Your Animal Expert and Author

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Bringing Home Kittens from the Shelter

2016-03-14 15.53.10

Meet Sapphire and Spirit forming the Yin Yang symbol.  How peaceful!

My daughter and I rescued them at 4 months old.  Doing the techniques I use and teach with their adoption process and integrating them into their new home with us made a big difference. I communicated with them they were coming home with us.  I sprayed the Healing Your Animal Serene and Protection Essence into the empty crate before picking them up and the kittens were so relaxed and actually falling asleep in the car ride home.  They were so comfortable in our space that we got plenty of sleep our first night with them and every night following.  It was like they had always been a part of our household.

They are now 5 months old in this picture symbolizing the balance and peace of their new lives.

Kittens and cats coming from shelters will most likely have a cold. It is a fact.  If the mucus stays clear, then you don’t need to worry.  If the eyes get goopy, or nasal discharge has a color, you will need to see a veterinarian.  In Sapphire’s and Spirit’s case, the sneezing and clear draining has lasted over a couple of weeks, so they are now taking a Lysine supplement with their food to help boost their immune system.  And they are receiving the Healing Your Animal Clear, Iceland Spar and Protection essences.  A core essence set for promoting balance and health.

When researching Lysine supplements, only get pure Lysine.  The gels and supplements that vets and even animal health food stores carry have ingredients to avoid such as artificial sweeteners and soy. Especially in young kittens with a compromised immune system, my goal is to help strengthen their systems.  I was so amazed and disappointed to discover the unhealthy ingredients fact.

NOW brand has a pure lysine supplement for humans and Thorne brand has a lysine with leucine supplement for humans that are made from good companies with good ingredients to give your kittens and cats. (I cleared this with my holistic vet)

It is recommended to start smaller than the recommended dosage mixing the powder into the food and then build up to the recommended dosage.  The reason is the Lysine has a bitter taste and you want your kittens/cats to eat the food with the supplement.

As far as my experience, Sapphire and Spirit seem to readily eat their food with the Lysine, so I am counting my blessings.  And their sneezing and drainage have stopped.

Now they have even more kitten energy to rumble, tumble and get into mischief.

If you are interesting in learning more on how to take good care of your new kitten (this goes for cats, puppies and dogs), I invite you to sign up for 30 Secrets Increasing Connection & Well-Being with You and Your Animals.  You will receive a secret a day for 30 days in your email inbox to do at your convenience. Some secrets have calming techniques, acupressure points, video training, animal communication and more for a well-rounded quality care for your animal(s).

Dedicated to you and your animal’s healing,


Vicki Draper

Healing Your Animal Expert

Author of upcoming book “Bridging True Love, Connection & Healing between You and Your Animals”

New online program: “30 Secrets Increasing Connection & Well-being with You and Your Animals” 

Healing Your Animal/Vi Miere Exclusive Essence Collections for You & Your Animals

Essences Available:  Healing Your Animal Essences

More about Vicki and her services and products:

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From Pablo Bullying, Vincent Cowering to Harmony in Household

Vincent and Pablo did not get along at all when Pablo first came to live with them. Their guardian was in tears wondering if she made a mistake adopting Pablo. After healing sessions, look at them now:


“I was dealing with constant stress because our two cats, Vincent and Pablo weren’t getting along. Pablo was very dominant and aggressive, and Vincent, who’s very shy, would spend the whole day hiding, living in constant isolation and fear. Since I’ve been working with Vicki, the whole mood of our household has changed. Vincent is much more confident than he used to be, and it’s clear that he’s more at ease and happy in the house. Pablo is less of a bully and is starting to use more of his energy for playing and enjoying life vs. negative behavior. I even see the two cats sleeping together and grooming each other occasionally. I feel much more relaxed and productive during the day as I’m not constantly worried about the boys, and I’m confident leaving them alone together when I have to travel.”
Sally McKenzie, Seattle, WA

Dedicated to you and your animal’s healing,

Vicki Draper

Author of Upcoming Book “Bridging True Love Connection & Healing Between You and Your Animals”

Healing Your Animal/Vi Miere Exclusive Essence Collections for You and Your Animals

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Sluggish? Quick, natural, non-caffeinated pick-me-up…

Do feel sluggish?
Are you having trouble staying awake?
Do you desire to awaken more of your true self?

Discover Awaken essence… it is a great essence when you wish to have a quick pick-me-up without caffeine or ingesting anything. It comes in an easy to use unscented spray allowing you to use it almost anywhere.

Awaken uses the natural power of crystal healing energy to help elevate your alertness and aliveness for your day.

Awaken used with deeper intentions will awaken dormant passions and ignite sparks to your authentic energy waiting to come alive and be expressed.

I invite you to click this link to Awaken Yourself

Dedicated to you and your animals healing,

Vicki Draper

Author of upcoming book “Bridging True Love Connection & Healing between You and Your Animal”

Healing Your Animal/Vi Miere Exclusive Healing Essences for you and your animals


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One lucky kitty…

The Universe has always been clear that I am here to help the animals have happier healthier lives and deepen the bonds of connection with their guardians.

I am so blessed of my gifts in helping the animals and their people connect on new levels.

Here is a client recently where I was blessed in serving a very lucky kitty who got adopted from a local shelter and now has a wonderful home to live the rest of her life with a loving family.


“We brought Neo home on the 12th and Vicki Draper came over on the 13th to give her a session to ease into her new home. Her new name is Mia and she’s 10 years old, a breast cancer survivor and has hyperthyroidism. So Mia needs Vicki’s loving and caring attention as well as her many essences to help support her in her new home and to maintain a healthy life. Vicki obviously came prepared by wearing purple, to match Mia’s bed (how’s that for telecommunication!). You can tell how much healing this girl is getting by Vicki working on her and seeing Mia relax into her arms. Her whiskers have started to grow back (they were missing on one side) and the picture in the chair is 2 days after her treatment. That’s one relaxed, comfortable and happy cat. Cannot thank Vicki enough for her care and attention and it’s so comforting to know that we have so many options when it comes to caring for both our animals and our selves. Thank you Vicki!”

Melinda Slater, Bothell, WA

If you are interested in receiving support for bringing a new animal member into your home for a smooth, harmonious integration, I invite you to  click this link to get in touch with me:

Healing Your Animal Assessment

And we’ll determine a plan for your best support.


Vicki Draper

Healing Your Animal Expert

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Discover Finding Joy in the Midst of Pain with your Animal Transitioning

Life is happening all around with us every day.
Some of my private clients are dealing with end of life issues with their animals.

So I decided to share this important information with you to be supported too.

Useful Tip for You!

Tip: The power of sharing joy with your animals.

This exercise is powerful when your animals are healthy and very useful when your animals are preparing to transition. This action helps them understand you are able to let them transition with ease when it is their time and for their best interest.

How to Use This:

The best thing you can do for your animal when you know they don’t have much time left, connect with your animal with love and appreciation. Sit with them and share fun stories and memories of being together.

When I was supporting Sasha, my golden retriever, during hospice, it made a big difference. On the days I used this technique with her, she was thriving, going for walks and getting the most out of each day. The days I didn’t use it, Sasha was not interested in walks, not moving around much.

This exercise is so counter-intuitive to what we do and want to do. It isn’t easy. As humans, we are sad to be losing our great companions. Most of what we focus on is our grief and sadness. Their job (to them) is to help us. They get confused by our sadness and sometimes think they’ve done something wrong. They even hold on and on (in pain or wasting away) for us until we have come to terms with their time to go. That is how
much they love us. They are not afraid of death. They inherently accept that it just is when it is their time to go. Another reason they get confused by our sadness.

Please hear me. I am not saying do not feel sad. You are going to. You are human.

What I am saying is to embrace their living now while they are here. Bring the joy of them into each day, allowing them to feel your love over your awareness of they will be leaving soon.

As I was doing this exercise some days with Sasha, I had tears coming down my face and I was hugging her all the while telling her how much joy she brought me and keeping that focus on one level while I was in deep pain on another. She could still feel my love.

This exercise will provide more quality bonding togetherness with you and your special wonderful furry friend.

So I invite you to use this with your cats, your dogs and your horses. And let me know what happens.

How to take this further…

If you are a person who has any concerns with your cat/your dog/your horse’s wishes, have questions you would like to ask your animal such as pain level, are they happy, connecting deeper, setting up your animal’s passing to be smooth and comfortable, having peace of mind, I invite you to get in touch with me for a Healing Your Animal Assessment, my gift to you to explore and determine your animal’s needs and best ways for you to receive support.

I invite you to click this link below:

Healing Your Animal Assessment

A member of my team will reach out and set up a conversation at a time convenient for you.

Helping as many animals be as healthy as possible and as many animal guardians like you be as happy as possible!

Dedicated to your animal’s healing,

Vicki Draper,
Healing Your Animal Expert

Healing Your Animal/Vi Miere
Exclusive Essence Collections for You and Your Animals      425-785-4232

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Animal Allergies? Discover unexpected support..

Kathy first came to me when she woke up one morning to find her dog, Samson, paralyzed and unable to walk.  After seeing the vet and having acupuncture done with no visible results, she contacted me.
Samson responded well and actually was able to stand on his own and peed immediately after his session.  Kathy was delighted with Samson able to walk again and he gained full mobility.  She was so impressed with the results with Samson, she continued providing healing support throughout his life.  After he transitioned, Kathy has continued to work with me receiving support for her health and well-being.
She is dealing with life where her mother is aging and has alzheimers.  And she recently had her father-in-law transition.  She has been focusing her sessions on staying grounded through all of this and reporting back that it is working.  She is feeling so much calmer.  She is not reacting to things she would have in the past. And she has more joy even in the midst of life happening.
This week, after facilitating and supporting Kathy with her powerful private healing session, I was still in the aftermath of the healing energy. I took a walk down by the water. This seagull (featured in the photo) flew and stood right in front of me not afraid to get close. He was followed by a pair of mallard ducks and a grackle.  As I stood there, more gulls, more ducks and more grackles showed up.  I was surrounded. They were attracted to the healing energy still emanating from me.
This reminded me of a scene from the movie Evan Almighty.  Have you seen this where the birds all fly to him?  I felt like this.  Evan was afraid of the birds.  In my case, it was beautiful and very serene and surreal to experience.
This is the same energy that is facilitated in my Healing Your Animal Group program coming soon.  To learn more about it, I invite you to click this link:
Enter your name and email to register for the teleclass. It is that simple.
Investment:  Free
I encourage you to do what you can to be there live.
Useful Tip for You!

Tasha, my cat who was 18 when I moved into a living space where she had allergies for the first time in her life. She was having nasal congestion and scratching her face a lot.

I learned this tip from my holistic vet.

Tip: When your cat or dog is snuffly and scratching his/her face, use green tea to decrease allergy symptoms.

How to Use This:
Steep green tea for 2 minutes, let it cool and rub it on your animal’s head and face with a cloth.
This significantly decreased Tasha’s sniffling and scratching while I worked on finding out what in the environment was causing her allergies.
The tea lasts for 2 days, then make a fresh batch. This can be rubbed on as often as possible.
Since I work from home, I was able to easily apply it 4 -5 times a day. As her symptoms decreased, I decreased the frequency of applications.
Do what your schedule permits. If you can only do it morning and night, then that’s what you do. A little works better than none at all.
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Happy Friday the 13th!

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow.
February is the month of celebrating LOVE.
Here is a picture of the cow and coyote statue in Kirkland decorated for the occasion.
Part of love is taking care of your loved ones.  And sometimes your furry loved ones get an infection and need the support of antibiotics.
If your cats, your dogs have recently been on antibiotics, I invite you to check out this issue’s tip below.

And if you have any concerns with your cat/your dog’s digestion and health, I invite you to get in touch with me for what I like to call a Healing Your Animal Assessment, my gift to you to explore and determine your needs and best ways to support you. I invite you to click this link:

Healing Your Animal Assessment

Featured Essence
Chakra 4 – Heart Chakra Essence
Did you know that your animals feed off of your emotions?
So when your heart is open feeling love and compassion, your animal delights in this.
The Healing Your Animal Chakra 4 – Heart Chakra essence supports you and your animal’s heart chakra, your center of love and compassion in opening wider enabling you and your animals to feel even more love.
With February being the month of celebrating love, I encourage you to embrace and spread the love.
I invite you to treat your animals with enhanced LOVE by clicking this link:

Chakra 4 – Heart Chakra Essence

You receive free shipping and there is still time to receive it before Valentine’s day.

(free shipping and handling for all US orders
savings on S&H for overseas)

Helping you and your animals live happier, healthier and more harmoniously with the featured Joy essence. Supporting you and your animals in 2015 being your best year yet.

Upcoming Classes

Healing Your Animal Free Teleclass

5 important things the vet won’t tell you
that affects your animal’s health and well-being
You will discover what you didn’t know you didn’t know empowering you with your animal’s health.
I invite you to click here to reserve your spot:
Call in details will be provided on sign up.
Client Interest for You!
I have really valued working with Vicki, especially since my cat Ali was attacked by a neighbor’s dog and was not expected to live. Ali’s jaw was broken (the dog had her head in his mouth and shook her violently before I interrupted the attack). After dealing with animal control and requesting spiritual support through prayer, I texted Vicki as I was on the way to the vet. The initial impression from the vet was that Ali would not survive (and they were shocked she didn’t have internal damage when the x-rays came back). Then the vet said that she would probably not be able to feed herself after they watched her for 24 hours and thought they would need to wire her jaw shut and put her on a feeding tube. After 24 hours (she was in shock and being given fluids by the animal hospital), the staff were stunned Ali was able to eat on her own, and they stated she was lapping the food up like a dog! I took her home and had 2 sessions with Vicki where she helped first with the shock and trauma, and then with physical issues that resulted from the incident. Vicki was able to tune in energetically to the physical issues even though I hadn’t specified yet that Ali was compensating in her walking due to muscle injury. 2 weeks after the incident my cat was back to her old self, with a permanently misaligned jaw, but not needing the extensive dental surgeries her surgeon thought she may need. She is an old cat, 15 years, and now she lives indoors, but she is happy and healthy and adjusted beautifully after spending most of her life with the freedom of the outdoors. I am grateful I had Vicki as a resource through this experience, and the vet staff were amazed at the rapid recovery of Ali, especially given her age. Today Ali spends her days sleeping on my lap as I work from home or antagonizing her brother (a 7 year old Bichon). Thank you Vicki!

-April Choulat, Transcend Autism, FL

Useful Tip for You!

Tip: Use probiotics when your cat, your dog is prescribed antibiotics.

There comes a time when your cat, your dog will need to take antibiotics. Antibiotics not only kill the bacteria causing an infection, they kill all the good bacteria that supports your animal’s body in a healthy way.  Adding probiotics help restore the good bacteria back into the body.  This is especially good for their digestion.

How to Use This:  Give your cat, your dog probiotics after they complete their treatment of antibiotics.  Ask your veterinarian about the dose of probiotics when you receive your antibiotics.  You can use human form and use a smaller dose for your animal.
There are 2 theories on using probiotics during the course of using antibiotics.
One is to wait until the course of antibiotics is over before starting probiotics.
And the other is to use probiotics during the course of using antibiotics making sure you use them away from each other.  For example if you are giving your cat, your dog antibiotics once a day in the morning, give the probiotic in the evening.  If it is twice a day, give the probiotic halfway between using the antibiotic.
As always when unsure, check it out with your veterinarian.
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A New Year – New Resolutions for your Animals!

Have you ever considered making resolutions for your animals?

This is a good time to check in and see if it makes sense this year.

You will want to be sure to check out this ezine’s tip below and see if your animal is in the 55% for this resolution to have better health.

If you have any concerns with your cat/your dog’ behavior or health, I invite you to get in touch with me for a Healing Your Animal Assessment, my gift to you.  Click this link:

Healing Your Animal Assessment

Client Interest for You!

Today’s client story is about Zoe.

Zoe is a client who uses traditional veterinary medicine and the complimentary care that I provide to get well rounded healing care.

Animal care as a guardian is 24/7, 365 days a year. So when holiday’s come along, your animal’s health does not take time off for the holidays.

One of the perks my clients receive is care and attention when in crisis even when I am taking time off for the holidays. My support for my clients is because I truly care. And I do not like to have an animal suffering if there is support I can provide.

Zoe had been to the vet and it seemed like she was getting stable. Then she started to not eat again and she is already down to 5 pounds so no time to waste getting her turned around. (if that is what is intended from the Universe) Her digestive system was not balanced.  At the beginning of her session, she was blocked and needed support for her liver, kidneys and large intestines.  Zoe took to her session and responded really well.  By the end of her session, the blocks were open and moving, her energy was flowing and balanced and she was energetically purring.

Such a sweetie and she started eating a little.
It is up to the Universe when it is her time. I do know for certain that she was feeling better after her session.
Useful Tip for You!

According to a National Pet Obesity Study in 2012, 55% of animals are overweight.

52.5% of US Dogs Overweight or Obese or approximately 36.7 million

58.3% of US Cats Overweight or Obese or approximately 43.2 million

This equals approximately 80 million U.S. dogs and cats at increased risk for weight-related disorders such as diabetes, osteoarthritis, hypertension and many cancers.
It is also setting up more and more dogs and cats for joint problems during their lives. This results in hundreds of millions of dollars in medical bills and countless surgical procedures for weight-related conditions.

How To Use This:

Feed your pet less and exercise them more.  Keep your animals healthy with regular veterinarian check-ups and sessions with energy clearing and balancing for preventative and strengthening natural body rhythms for optimum health with your animals.

Pick up the dog leash and go for a walk. Instead of snacking on sugary treats, share crunchy vegetables with your dog. Eat more whole foods instead of highly processed fast food.
For your cat, pick up the pole with a string attached to a toy, throw it and wiggle it around and watch your cat jump and pounce for joy.
Also it is more serious for a cat to get overweight.  Cats do not have a normal mechanism to lose weight.  The cats in the wild never get overweight.  This means, there is danger when getting your cat to lose weight.  It must be done slowly to prevent your cat going into renal failure.
It is easier to keep them healthy and normal weight; however, if you find yourself with an overweight cat, you can healthily support them getting to a normal weight again.  Do it safely.  I know it is possible because I have done it.
The healthier you and your animal are, the better you feel.  The better you feel, the more likely you are to exercise, play and do activities that keep your animal having normal weight.
How to take this further…

If you are a person who is interested in making sure your cat, dog and horse are happy, content and healthy and you are ready to do all you can as a responsible, loving pet guardian for them, it is never too late to begin. I invite you to get in touch with me for a private conversation I like to call Healing Your Animal Assessment as my gift to you.

We will explore and assess how we can make sure you are giving your best care with cats and dogs.

I invite you to reach out and click this link below

Healing Your Animal Assessment

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Self-determination, Self-reliance and Grounded While Soaring!

I encountered this heron out on my walk yesterday on a foggy morning.

Heron is about self-determination and self-reliance.

Legs enable animals and people to move about on the earth. They are symbols of balance and they represent the ability to progress and evolve.  You don’t need great massive pillars to remain stable, but you must be able to stand on your own.  Follow your own wisdom and path of self-determination.  You know what is best for you and should follow it, rather than the prompting of others.

Take a moment and check in to see if there is something within heron’s message for you at this time.

Cats are independent creatures. Many people misunderstand cats because of this.  However, those of you cat people know what wonderful beings cats are.  For all of you cat lovers, you will want to check out this issues tip below.

And if you have any concerns with your cat/your dog’ behavior or health, I invite you to get in touch with me for a Healing Your Animal Assessment, my gift to you.  Click this link:

Healing Your Animal Assessment

Featured Essences
Grounding While Soaring

As you may or may not know, I communicate with animals and what this entails is not just cats, dogs and horses, I communicate with wild animals too.

A bald eagle inspired the kick off to the Grounded While Soaring essence initially…
I was out for my morning walk today preparing to write this ezine and guess who appeared?  a bald eagle!  I love it when this happens – it is no coincidence Grounded While Soaring is featuring today in this ezine.
Grounded While Soaring is a powerful essence.  It provides a grounding effect while soaring to even greater heights.
Assisting you in expanding your business and your life. This does promote changes, so be ready for shifts to happen!
I invite you to click this link:
(scroll down, essences are in alphabetical order)
Client Interest for You!

“Your suggestions around how to deal with my dog’s aggression were very helpful, I feel much more empowered now when I’m walking my dog and we continue to make progress in other situations. The essences were amazing, I could see how he was more confident and at ease. He even started walking with his head lower at times, relaxed instead of being so tense and on guard. Your essences and wisdom have been so helpful, I’m so grateful for your help!”

Fia Crandall, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Useful Tip for You!

Tip:  Indoor cats are healthier than outdoor cats

Even though cats are independent and can survive outside, there are the dangers of:


And feline leukemia is a leading cause of feline death.
I discovered this years ago first hand with my cat Patches.  He was an indoor/outdoor cat and even though he was neutered, he seemed to get into scraps with other animals, get infected and had many trips to the vet.  When we shifted to being an indoor cat, life was so much healthier for him even though he wasn’t too thrilled staying indoors after the freedom of being outside.
Bonus tip: So when you get a kitten, it is easier to start him/her out being an indoor only cat rather than shifting an indoor/outdoor cat to indoor only cat.
How to take this further…

If you are a person who is interested in making sure your cat, dog and bunny are happy, content and healthy and you are ready to do all you can as a responsible, loving pet guardian for them, it is never too late to begin. I invite you to get in touch with me for a private conversation I like to call Healing Your Animal Assessment as my gift to you.

We will explore and assess how we can make sure you are giving your best care with cats and dogs.

I invite you to reach out and click this link below

Healing Your Animal Assessment

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